Green Business: A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Much Of Complete Bullshit

You may or may not have come across the pretty little term ‘Greenwashing’. This is basically the practice of a business trying very hard to appear to be part of the green movement. A company attempts to look they are very much part of the solution to the environmental crisis we are experiencing, that they are doing everything they can, that they are contributing to the side of the angels. They attempt to look like this whilst doing almost nothing to actually pursue the agenda they want to be included into. The key evidence that underpins accusations of greenwashing is the reality of the internal spending differences of many businesses that claim green credentials. This means the reality of the often massive disparities between the large amounts of money spent on appearing environmentally friendly and the comparatively small amounts spend on actually cultivating environmentally sound practices in how their business operates. What we of course are talking about here is the difference between the spectacle and the reality, or the superstructure (the cultural form) and the base (the political economic form) of our world. We live in a world of complete irreality, we know that almost everything held up before us is a lie, everything is false, everything is twisted and misrepresenting reality. We know this. But by simple presence these deceptions are allowed to survive and thrive.


People are allowed to keep being wrong. Newspapers print lies and even when they are caught and it is proven that they deliberately tried to deceive it really doesn’t matter. Because they will keep printing, or someone will keep printing. The machine will simply keep turning and flowing, such is the power of the amorphous cloud monster we are fighting. Hilariously, now that ‘green industries’ are a thing we now have green entities, businesses or groups that start with green ideas, attempting to somewhat ‘Greywash’ themselves. Trying their hardest to appear as serious and profit driven and as industrial as possible. They are definitely not some hippy dippy mad tree hugging fools. Oh no. They are for real. They are real businesses, growing green industries like biomass and solar try to use business speak as much as possible. This is because economy is not finance, economy is culture.

Conceptual image showing the same man in two different positions.

The economic power structure is consumed in language and communication. It survives only in its ability to constantly create the world in its own image. This massive and total hegemony is linguistic, aesthetic and conceptual. Which means some attempt to increase the renewability of our energy supply, such as that being undertaken by those who promote biomass, has to first appeal to the denizens of this ideology.

The Return Of The Franchise In a Fragile World

Here at Interactive Biz we don’t ever want to be blind to the world we live in and the economy that we work in. We want to look directly at the reality of the situation we find ourselves in, and that situation is, wait for it: Capitalism. That’s right people, you live in a capitalist world, and the more you understand capitalism the more you can profit from it. And profit is all that matters, because that’s what capitalism is! The development of wealth through the extraction of profit from the surplus labour of the proletariat.


Thanks proletariat!

Due to the system of competition in the free market, capitalism requires that companies re-invest large amounts of their profits into making more produce and expanding their output and market share. Eventually they up production to a point where their supply of the product they are producing outstrips the demand for that product. In modern capitalism companies have found one way to get round this, which is to create demand through advertising, for things people really don’t need.


Pretty clever. Another way to deny the bust that follows the boom is to create fake demand through loaning people lots of money that they can’t pay back. Eventually you have to ask some people to pay some money back, and the ‘bubble’ bursts. That’s the bubble that burst with housing. Stupid bubble. But as a rule what happens at the point that supply outstrips demand is that there are suddenly no profits and no money to reinvest. People panic, money is pulled, and we are plunged into a thousand years of darkness.


Pictured: A thousand years of darkness

This may sound like a critical analysis of capitalism, and it is, but that does not stop it being true. It is an analysis that reveals truths about capitalism, and the more you understand something, the better you can work with it and gain from it. In our current post-recovery-that-wasn’t-really-a-recovery economy people are looking for anyway to insulate themselves against the constant re-occurring disaster that is our modern economy. Interestingly, in a turn of events predicted by no one, franchising has emerged as a popular option for business people looking for security in an insecure world. To try and start up a business as part of a franchise rather than completely on your own is a much lower risk strategy, and it’s one that a host of new franchisee’s have evidently decided its worth taking up.Interactive Biz have looked in to the issue, and can now give it our official ‘Recommendation of The Week’ stamp of approval. So there it is! Our Recommendation of the Week is: Become a franchisee!

How Interactive Biz Do Things Differently

As a group that intends to change the way communication relates to business we here at Interactive Biz operate in a crowded market place. But we like that because we like competitions and we believe that we have key ideas about how businesses are either made or destroyed in their communication with potential and actual clients. We firmly believe that almost all businesses have completely misunderstood how this process should be undertaken. We are not coming to this out of theory, we are not coming into this blind, we are not business academics or linguistics, we are departing unto you lessons that we have learnt from actual experience in the business world.  You will hear no wishy washy nonsense here. No sir. This will be real ideas, real ideas that really work. Business people, you’re going to have to let go of what you know.


I know, I know it’s hard, just let go Steve…

The way that businesses currently communicate is predicated on one idea that has been central to business structures for all of modern commerce capitalism: that your business has ’employees’ and your business has ‘customers’ or ‘clients’ and that communication happens across this wall.  Your employees communicate with prospective and current clients and attempt to engage them in a commercial relationship with the business.


That is how it has always been understood. But all of this communication across the divide between your employees and your clients actually only serves to reinforce this divide. Here at Interactive Biz we want to destroy this wall, and this is how we do this:


Forget that divide. Your clients create revenue for your business. Your employees create revenue for your business. Your employees are completely integral to the functioning of your business. Your clients are completely integral to the functioning of your business. They are all on your team. Why would you want your team to be divided? With the principles contained in the Interactive Biz ‘Circle of Communication’ they will be divided no more. So stick around to learn even more about how Interactive Biz can help you kick start your communication.